In addition to New Product Development projects, we could perform the following services for our customers:

  1. Proof-of- Concept projects (PoC). Frequently we perform such kind of projects, when customers have some idea, and we should perform feasibility study.
  2. Analytical services. Tecsolut we have a wide range of analytical and characterization equipment (see facilities), and we perform such services frequently.
  3. Scale-up projects. We perform such services when customer have lab-scale prototype of product and scale-up process is needed.
  4. Pilot trials. We have several roll-to-roll machines and some other semi-industrial equipment, which allows us small-scale production of the specialized products (coatings, etc…)
  5. Formulations development and small scale production. Especially for UV curable coatings (inks, OPVs, 3D printing inks, etc…) and solvent-based coatings.
  6. Reverse engineering of the competitive products.